FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT:  Put yourself in the buyer’s position and note the things that stand out to you.  Remember, your home never gets a second chance to make a wonderful first impression.  Clear counter tops, paint the front door, clean walls, stairs and bathrooms very well.  Empty closets, make repairs that you have been delaying, change light bulbs and bring new life to the flower beds.  The better your home looks, the more appealing it will be to buyers.

MINIMAL IS BEST:  Preparing your home for sale is not the same as how you live in it.  To stage it for sale, try to have it look like many of the “staged” homes you see on HGTV.  For example, think minimalistic---the least amount of “knick knacks” that you have, the less buyers will be distracted when they see your home.  In addition, it will allow them to notice the structure rather than your personal possessions.  Clean all closets and make the home look less crowded.  You should also take down as many personal pictures as possible.  People like to envision their own belongings in a home.

Remember to remove valuable items while your home is for sale.  In addition, remove or lock up any guns or dangerous items you may have.

HOME INSPECTIONS:  Many sellers do not realize that you can hire a home inspection company to inspect your home prior to any offers so that you are not surprised by the findings.

AVAILABILITY IS KEY:   Make the home available to be seen when potential buyers are available.  Buyers feel frustrated when they find a home they are interested in but cannot view the home due to scheduling conflicts.

Also, plan on being away from your home while it is being shown.  Buyers are not comfortable looking at the home when the seller is watching.  To know if the home can work for him/her, they need to open your closets and see the available space. Most buyers are not comfortable opening cabinets and closets when the seller is home.

LET YOUR AGENT BE YOUR GUIDE:  Listen to your agent and price the home fairly. Your agent has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  If you have a good agent, they have already done comparisons and they know what is selling in the neighborhood and for what price. 

Remember, the longer a home sits on the market the longer it will continue to sit on the market. Typically, the first offer is the best offer.  Do not be afraid to negotiate.

Make sure you always have clear communication with your agent.  Agents are not mind readers and they cannot address your concerns if they are not aware.  Remember, they are working for your benefit.  Open lines of communication allow the agent to give you the service you need and deserve.