Termites are more than seasonal nuisance swarms.  They can cause expensive damage to your home well before you know they are there!  That's why we turned to our friends at TERMINEX to teach us more about this pest and what we can do to help avoid an infestation:

"Formosan Termite swarms are a common scene in the Summer in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. If you didn’t know, we have the worst Formosan Termite Problem in North America. This is due to our sub-tropical climate which allows the termite to thrive. As a result, we see termites swarming in the evening every summer May through July. These ‘swarming termites’ are young kings and queens leaving the mother colony in hopes of finding a mate and a moist place to start a new colony. You may see some of these swarming termites in your home because they enter through various penetrations around your home (e.g. door crack, window seal, plumbing penetrations). Fortunately, most of these termites will die if they do not find a sustained moisture source.  Formosan Termites travel subterraneous and normally attack from the soil. Here are some things to avoid which make your home less attractive to termites:

Please remember, Do not:

  • Add soil, sod or mulch immediately to slab or foundation piers
  • “Skirt” or fill-in between piers without leaving at least 3 inches of clearance from soil grade
  • Attach wooden fences directly to your home
  • Attach any wooden decks directly to your home. They should remain free standing
  • Allow sprinklers to flood against foundation
  • Plant any edible foliage within 5 feet of foundation
  • Add or excavate soil immediately against foundation without first calling your termite professional
  • Make any additions or alterations to your home without first calling a termite professional
  • Penetrate slab foundation without calling a termite professional
  • Allow vines or other climbing foliage to grow onto your home
  • Add wood supports that will make direct soil contact under raised homes. These supports should be placed on metal or masonry bases
  • Add wooden steps without placing them on concrete or masonry foundation
  • Stack or store material against your house (Firewood, bricks, wood, etc.)
  • Allow down spouts to erode soil or flood water against foundation
  • Fail to repair any leaks promptly (roof, gutter, plumbing, chimneys, etc.)"

Thank you to TERMINIX - The Nationwide Pest Control Experts  for providing us with this helpful information.  If you have additional questions, please give them a call at 504-837-7330.