August 5, 2015

It is safe to say that the miserable heat has probably caused a few fishing trips to be rescheduled until September, but there are a lot of boats on trailers running back and forth to all of the Plaquemines Parish marinas, so fish are being caught……………probably in the mornings and evenings while they shut down during the hottest part of the day. Our friends in Myrtle Grove tell us that you must head out due south and put some distance between you and the marina in order to find the trout. Let us know if you’re having any luck closer to the launch and we’ll post your report and your name. No…….we don’t want your secret spot, just send over some information so people can increase their odds just a little.

The Delacroix/East Pointe a la Hache corridor has a tremendous amount of river water in it right now. That break in the river just below Beshel’s Marina is placing an incredible amount of silty river water into the Back Levee Canal right now. As a result, the water is stained even out to California Bay and Black Bay. We will talk about river diversions at a later date.  A friend told me that he found clean water up around Lake Campo and North Black Bay. As soon as the river drops to 8 or 9 feet, I will hit the entire perimeter of Stone Island and also those platforms around it including the Compressor Rig. Needless to say, if the conditions are good, a trip to what’s left of the Black Tank facility is a must. We’re bringing live shrimp/dead shrimp along with a healthy supply of Matrix Baits and D.O.A. Artificial Shrimp. We had a really good trout catch throwing double plastics (no cork) against the old barge portion of the Black Tank and just popping and retrieving.

Will the river turn green this year? You tell me. I hope so because when it does our guys and gals will be in Baptiste Collette and at Deepwater Point throwing and retrieving. If the weather is nice, then the East Jetty at South Pass will be in our sights.  We caught a nice mixed bag there last year………reds, trout, croakers, channel mullets, sharks. Watch the submerged rocks!! Make sure that you don’t veer east/left until you clear the last channel marker.

Plaquemines Parish is literally a Blessing for anyone who enjoys being out on the water. Please stop and shop at the local grocery stores, hardware stores, bait shops, gas stations, boat repair shops and restaurants when you’re in the area. These folks will bend over backwards to help you.

Thanks for allowing us to communicate with you. Feel free to send over information that we can post on our site. If you’re looking for either land or improved property, please call and speak to one of our agents……..even if you just need general information.  If you are looking to build a dream camp or your own personal retreat, we still have waterfront lots for sale in Myrtle Grove and Happy Jack.

Tight lines and blue skies to all.