A Home Inspection is a useful tool during the home buying process.  After a Purchase Agreement is accepted by the Seller, the Buyer may contact Inspection Companies to perform extensive examinations of the prospective home.  Inspections may include building and mechanical inspections, termite inspections, video pipe inspections, mold inspections, etc.  While the Buyer bears the cost of these inspections, it is money well spent to determine if there are any “issues” that may exist before purchasing the home.  Many times these inspections provide information that one would not see with a mere visual inspection as you walk through the home.

As a result of the building and mechanical inspection, the inspector may recommend more extensive inspections by certain contractors, i.e., roofing company, air condition company, etc.  The termite inspection may disclose that the home needs to be treated for active termites.  The video pipe inspection may reveal that there are concerns with the sewer pipes under the slab.  Since most homes are sold "As Is", home inspections are an important step in saving the Buyer money by having the Seller repair the deficiencies prior to sale, or if the deficiencies are too great and the Seller doesn’t wish to correct them, the Buyer has the opportunity to decide if he/she wants to bear these costs or decide not to purchase the home.

It is to the Buyer’s advantage to be present during the inspection.  In addition to the inspector pointing out the location of some of the mechanical components, the inspector is also able to show the Buyer the location of the deficiencies.  Inspectors are willing to provide their opinion as to the seriousness of the deficiencies and potential remedies.  Seek the opinion and advice of the Inspector while the inspector is going over his findings.  Don’t wait until you get the actual inspection report!

Finally, a good inspection provides the Buyer with the knowledge as to what are the home’s deficiencies, potential future issues and possible remedies which help the Buyer determine if he/she is satisfied with the condition of the home and wish to proceed with the sale.